Filling is a great way to halt the onset of tooth decay or filling a tooth that has been eroded by bacterial and tooth decay. Fillings can prooing the life of your teeth. At Ellerslie Highway Dental Centre, Dr A Daim will advise you which is the best option for you.

Amalgam fillings are made from Metal and have long been used as a reliable procedure to effectively fill gapes in teeth.
Amalgam fillings is a procedure that is practised in Ellerslie Highway Dental Centre. Ask the Dentist if amalgam filling is the correct filling procedure for you. Ellerslie


Composite fillings are the most recent in tooth retoration technology. They are a great alternative to almalgam fillings. Composite fillings are white so your fillings won't be noticable in your mouth as they will blend in with the colour of your teeth. Composite fillings are made up of a hybrid of  porcelain and plastic and can be done quickly and painlessly. Book An appointment at Ellerslie Highway Dental Centre to see if we offer you the best advice so you will know what the right filling options for you are. The dentist will advise you.

Porcelain is the strongest type of filling material available. In this porcelain filling procedure, the decay is drilled out, or the site of the hole is prepared by the dentist. Then a porcelain inlay is made which replicates the indent exactly.

The inlay is then bonded into the shape for a perfect fit 


Dr Khulood A Daim  focuses on the comfort & well being of her patients. Her warmth and     friendliness will have you relaxing even if you are very anxious about your visit. Read More 

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