What causes Bad Breath? ellerslie Highway dentist auckland

Food Particles Collected between your teeth:Bad breath is an unpleasant condition you may not even be aware you have. Bad breath may be caused by many things. Among the most common, bad breath can be caused from food particles that collect between your teeth. 

Certain foods: Such as onion and garlic have been known to cause bad breath.

Certain Medication that reduces syliva flow: One of the functions of syliva is to cleanse the mouth. Certain medication reduces the syliva leading to a dry mouth. Without the mouth being cleansed regularly, bad breath occurs.

Dieting: Dieting can lead to bad breath. This is because of irregular eating.ellerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslie

Internal Illness: Bad breath may a symptom of a bigger medical problem. Consult your doctor immediately if you suspect this.

Dirty Tongues: The tongue collects whitish scum that builds up in a thick layer. This needs to be scrapped away on a daily basis. Scum on the tongue is the most common cause of bad breath and the most easily fixed.

Smoking: Smoke causes bad breath.ellerslie Highway dentist auckland

How to cure Bad Breath ellerslie Highway dentist auckland

  • Brush with a minty toothpaste twice a day 
  • Floss your teeth every day
  • Gargle with an anti bacterial mouthwash twice a day
  • Scrap your tongue with a tongue scrapper daily
  • Dont accessively eat foods that cause bad breath like garlic and onion
  • Visit Ellerslie Highway Dental Centre to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Consult your doctor if bad breath persists

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Is Brushing enough?ellerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslie

Brushing twice a day removes the build-up of tartar and plague from the teeth and mouth so that you can maintain good oral hygiene. Gingivitis, cavities and gum disease are some of the things that brushing prevents. However brushing alone is not effective in removing all the tartar and plague from your teeth and gums. There are some places where your brush cannot reach, like in-between you teeth. Flossing in combination with brushing is essential for oral hygiene. In addition to this, a mouthwash will give you the added benefit of killing and removing bacteria where your brush and floss cannot reach. Brushing alone is not enough.

Top Ten Dental Care Tipsellerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslie

  1. Floss everydayellerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslie
  2. Give up smokingellerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslie
  3. Visit Ellerslie Highway Dental Centre regularlyellellerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslieerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslie
  4. Clean your tongue on a regular basis
  5. Change your toothbrush regularly
  6. Do not pick your teeth with metal objects like pinsellerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslie
  7. Get cavities filled while they are smallellerslie highway dentist cheapest dentist ellerslie
  8. Drink non carbonated beverages as carbonated drinks erode teeth enamel
  9. Eat a healthy diet with sufficient calcium
  10. Brush teeth twice a day with a flouride toothpaste for minimum of two minutes each timeellerslie Highway dentist auckland


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