Emergency Dentistry

Should the worse happen and you find yourself with a broken or missing tooth, we do emergency, same day repairs.

Crowns & Caps

One of the many tooth restoration procedures available at Ellerslie Highway Dental Centre, dental crown and an effective way to transform a tooth.

Cleaning, Polishing & Whitening 

We offer teeth whitening, cleaning and polishing. Remove yellow stains from your teeth and get a bright smile now!


We make high quality, comfortable and affordable dentures. Don't struggle with ill fitting dentures, give us a call.


Bridges can be placed to fill in gaps left by missing teeth. Bridges make it easer for patients to speak and eat.

Root Canals

We offer root canal treatment to treat infection or decay that has occurred at the centre of the tooth.


We perform a wide range of filling treatments, including white fillings, silver fillings, gold and many more. 


We try our utmost to preserve natural teeth, but sometimes teeth need to be extracted. We provide clean and neat extractions.


Dental veneers are thin superficial coverings for teeth. Transform your smile with this popular method, fast and easy.


Dr Khulood A Daim  focuses on the comfort & well being of her patients. Her warmth and     friendliness will have you relaxing even if you are very anxious about your visit. Read More 

Dental Finance

Can't afford Dental Treatment? Quick easy financing is now available through Finance DIRECT                       

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